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MontRose Puppy Policies

A sound breeding program with hard work and dedication has gone into MontRose Australian Shepherds. Each litter is planned to combine exceptional genetics to produce sound, correct Australian Shepherds. MontRose has produced top winning Australian Shepherds worldwide in conformation, obedience, agility, and herding. ALL adult dogs at MontRose have OFA hip ratings and are eye tested annually. Puppies are eye tested, sold with guarantees and life time support. All puppies are placed after appropriate health checks. Puppies are raised in the house and are exposed to many sights and sounds. At about six weeks of age they begin taking short hikes through the fields and woods and to the creek to further their awareness of the world before leaving for their future homes.

I promise the ultimate support in raising and training your Aussie. I am always here for buyers with questions in training and health advice to ensure a lifelong home for these special puppies. 

Deposits are recommended, which will be deducted from the purchase price of the puppy. Buyer will be placed in pick order following those who have already contracted and forwarded a deposit. 

Show/Breeding/Performance Quality

Puppies are exceptional examples of the breed. There are no disqualifying faults or known hereditary defects affecting the puppies suitability for performance and breeding. These puppies are sold with full AKC and ASCA registration papers. Puppies are usually sold on co-ownership until a title is earned and they pass OFA and eye exams. 

Companion/Pet/Performance Quality

Puppies are physically sound and make wonderful companions and household pets, but may not be as structurally correct as show/breeding quality puppies or they may exhibit a slight fault that prohibits them from being shown in the conformation ring. They are sold with limited registration, meaning that offspring are not eligible for registration. They are eligible to compete in all performance events (agility and obedience), but cannot compete in AKC or ASCA conformation events (except ASCA Altered Champion program). These puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts and/or limited registration.

If you are interested in a MontRose puppy, please complete the MontRose questionnaire.

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